Bill Degnan -- Set Medic


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Bill Degnan -- Set Medic

Submitted by Bill Degnan on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 05:34
Set Medic HiViz Vest

Bill Degnan -- Set Medic

“A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.” ― Orson Welles
 "An army needs Medics" ― Bill Degnan

All set medics are not created equal. You can find any number of people who have a First Aid Kit. But your production deserves better.

I am a filmmaker. I can't do what the other professionals on set do. But, I know enough about what they do that I know what's important.

By the time the Company is in for the day, I have a pretty good idea of of where I can post up and not be underfoot. And, I know which scenes should have me right at hand.

Ask me how we stay on schedule when it is 130°F shooting interiors.

Production money is tight. Producers want to spend their money wisely. The right Set Medic can help you stay on time and in budget by helping to keep everyone involved safe, healthy and happy. The cost of a single production delay in time and money can be unthinkable.

Yes, we have the First Aid gear you would expect. But, there is more.

We bring a fairly impressive collection of over-the-counter items.

We're making magic here. An actor in their dressing room with cold symptoms or some other malady, leaves everyone else standing around. Cast and crew need to be able to focus on their work -- not on bug bites, or a rash, or sunburn, or dehydration.

Some Producers believe they only need to have a medic on set when there are stunts or pyro or a large number of extras. But just as cast and crew expect Catering and Craft Services they expect the services of the Medic. People do better work, when they feel they are being cared for and cared about.

We are with you from the first call time to the end of the heavy lifting. Load-in and load-out have many opportunities for injury. We are with you for construction and rigging as well as while you are shooting. We are just outside the frame line during stunt and SFX work and often at arm's reach during stunt and SFX rehearsal. We work closely with the Stunt and SFX Coordinators and the Armorer. During the rest of the shooting we're out of the way, but close enough to keep an eye on things. Always with the walkie in one ear, ready to "fly in" when there's a call for the Medic.

Let us help you make the magic.

Bill Degnan
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